Gesloten elektisch 2 per.voertuig op drie wielen


Electric Tricycle Specification:
Motor: 500W
Battery: Lead-acid 12V/20Ah x 4 pcs.
Max. Speed: 35 to 40 Km/h
Brake: Front wheel brake by hand, Rear wheel brake by pedal.
Wheel: Front wheel 300-10, Rear wheel 250-16
Body: Made of fiberglass with painting
Car Roof: Made of Acrylic
Gradient: 25 degree
Seats: 3 passengers ( include driver )
Drive distance: 50 Km per charge
Charge time: Lead-acid battery 4 - 8 Hours LiFePO4 battery 1 - 2 hour.
Open the rooftop: Wireless controller to open and close the rooftop from outside,
when you are in inside that have button to control the rooftop.
Dimension: L. 2100 x W. 1100 x H. 1300 mm.
Net Weight: 170 Kgs.










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